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Scientific Writing

These are my notes and my summary based on a scientific writing workshop I've attended.

Before you start writing, you need to answer the following questions

  1. What audience do I want to address? (e.g. general public, scientists, colleagues, experts, …)
  2. What platform will it be presented on? (e.g. article, thesis, book, presentation, …)

The audience determines how much background you can assume. The platform will restrict the length, amongst other possible restrictions.

Once you've cleared that, start writing down a project statement. This is one sentence, as concise as possible, which captures the message that you want to deliver. Take some time to think about this. When you got it, pin it on your desk. Everything you write for this project will have some link to this statement and serve some purpose in transporting its message.


  • Gives a good description of what to expect in the paper
  • Awakens interest in your reader
  • Is concise

You can put your emphasis on any of these points, this is entirely up to you as author.

Abstract: The goal of the abstract is to summarize the content in ~150 words. It should contain

  1. Context
  2. State of the Art
  3. Your research question
  4. What you have done
  5. Your results
  6. Outline of the paper
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